Do you like automation features? Have you been able to use them in your daily life? The Gosund Smart Plug Alexa has brought an affordable yet the most useful innovation to your daily life. This smart plug enables you to control all your electronics sitting at any corner of the world. You now have access to them and can be careless to step out of the house while they are still switched don. The dedicated app that is sure to control the smart plugs is available on all operating systems. The control features and power of these plugs give you a much smarter home. While the only connectivity is wifi 2.4 GHZ there are a ton of things to like about Gosund smart plug. Let us have a look at everything right and a few things that are not about gosund smart plug.

Gosund Smart Plug Alexa Highlights:

Compatibility: The extent of automation is important to keep the product useful in every situation. The gosund smart plug is compatible with all the assistants that work for home automation. Alexa, google assistant, IFTTT are all included in it. You can control the gosund smart plug using any of these assistants and take full advantage of it.

Availability: There are no barriers in terms of connectivity. You can control the device from anywhere in the world as it is wifi enabled. The distance of location is not an issue.

Usage: Gosund smart plug needs to be installed as per the instructions that come with it. After this, you will have to download the dedicated app which will help you in making all the settings and controls. The rest of the features are self-explanatory and even your kids at home can use them.

Safety and Installation: The product has ETL certifications and is tested to be free from any technical failures unless a careless human error is involved It is safe to use and we recommend it to all.

A lot of customers ask about Gosund smart plug setup with Amazon Alexa. So we made this video to explain how to download & install Smart Life app

Gosund Smart Plug Setup Guide & pair with Alexa

What do people say about Gosund Smart Plug Alexa

“I like home automation things, but some of them just too expensive. These, however, are an excellent product for a very reasonable price! I like that they use the Smart Life App and integrate it into Alexa very easily. The size is nice too, doesn’t take up a bunch of space or block the other outlet. I would like to see these made with a side or top plug for use behind dressers, where space is limited.”

– Alan

“I had no trouble connecting all four plugs to my wifi, then easily connected to my Alexa app. Great little gadgets for turning lights and fans on and off from another room. I’ve made groupings for lights and simmer pots, too. Important to understand that these plugs CAN NOT turn on a smart TV or another device which uses an infrared remote, but can turn them off.”

“They turn off the electric current to the device, which means it has to be permanently “turned on” via a physical on/off button or switch. Unfortunately, this is not explained anywhere that I’ve seen.”

– Shari

Gosund Smart Plug Alexa


  • A great home automation appliance with all the necessary features to control your home appliances that are compatible with it.
  • 100% safety ensured.
  • Has a dedicated app to control it.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of 2.4 GHZ wifi connectivity.


  • Connectivity other than the rated figure can cause issues.
  • There are many appliances for which the smart plug is yet to be optimized.
  • It is not very expensive but if more than a few pieces are required it can get expensive.

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Final thoughts :

The gosund smart plug has inspired many other manufacturers to improvise on similar products. Home automation has become a trend in recent times and plug or switches that control most of this are very much in demand. This is a great addition to your home and its smart operation with a dedicated app the entire work is made simpler and hassle-free.