GPS is among the most valuable inventions of the modern era. While there have been several routing and mapping improvements in smartphones, one tricky thing is tracking someone without letting them know. It is not unethical; sometimes, it is because of severe security reasons. Spytec GPS Tracker Device GL300 has developed a powerful tracking device that needs to be fixed on the vehicle you want to track. The device is capable enough to detect and visualize the location. It uses data from google maps to track the live location of the person or vehicle. This durable and versatile device that reverts all the data to your smartphone has proved very helpful and secure.

Spytec GPS Tracker Device Highlights:

Real-Time Tracking: Kids, adults, spouse, partner, pet, vehicles, or even heavy vehicles, the real-time tracker by spytec allows you to track anything anywhere. The tracking is very accurate and is updated in live time. It can do so with the help of the data it uses from google maps. All you have to do is fix spytec GL300 to the object.

Durability: When using a device for tracking, it has to be durable. There are several ways to break or spoil it. Water, weight, or even getting crushed is a possibility. The spytec GL300 eliminates a lot of obstructions with its robust connectivity. Apart from this, the battery life of the device is very good. It can go for 15-18 days on a single charge.

Added Features: Have alerts set in the GPS, set exit zones to perimeter the GPS, set text-based and notification alerts. All of this is possible with this compact device which has proved to be a great tracking device for multiple purposes.

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What do people say about Spytec GPS Tracker Device

“Verified my (now ex) girlfriend was cheating. Sucks but it’s better than never knowing the truth. The tracker was incredibly easy to set up. The charge lasted longer than what other reviews stated (mine is still 55% after just over a week). The best feature by far is the Geofence; I would get text alerts whenever my ex arrived or left the dude’s apartment complex. I placed the tracker under her vehicle using the Spy Tec M2 Waterproof Weatherproof Magnetic Case for STI GL300 / GX350 Real-Time GPS Trackers which I also recommend.”

– Michael

“Used this to track my ex-wife. Suspected her of cheating and sure enough, caught her visiting her boy toy during the day when I was at work. I’m divorced now and can laugh about it, but at the time watching the Spytech screen and seeing her every move was traumatic, but I had to know”

– Dustin

Spytech GPS Tracker Device


  • Has live tracking that uses google maps data. The tracking information is accurate and can be visualized on your smartphone.
  • The device is very affordable unlike other tracking devices used for getting live location.
  • 24/7 customer service to handle any issue.
  • It can be used for security and surveillance purposes.
  • Get alerts based on distance, location, and customize them as per your requirements as well.


  • Data plan options are few.
  • The device is durable to a great extent but might break under pressure.
  • The plans are restricted as per the description

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Final thoughts:

This has turned out to be among the most valuable products we have reviewed. Not only are people using it for personal uses or tracking pets and vehicles, but also for security purposes in professional spaces. Hence, the product has received all the required updates to work without any issues. As most of the clients are using it for professional purposes, the team of spytec has promised 24/7 customer care to keep those clients happy. Use the Spytec GL300 to keep you and your surroundings safe.