Music has been the go-to option for people in different situations. You might be jogging, at the gym, writing homework or even simply chilling, music has a part in everything. Jabra elite active 65t are of the best wireless earbuds in the market. They are compact and designed perfectly well to fit in your ear. Even during the most active sessions, they wouldn’t come off unless you pull them. The earbuds can be controlled using a dedicated app by the manufacturers. With their ability to take calls and not worry about audio drops, this is a definite worthy earbud to spend on

Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds Highlights:

The Design: The earbuds by Jabra are designed to fit in your ear in the natural shape. They are rounded with extensions and come with different sizes of buds out of the box. So don’t worry about the fit, Jabra has taken complete care of it.

Sound Quality: A good pair of earbuds will need to check a lot of boxes. From sound quality at default settings to be able to customize the lows and highs, your earbuds must give you enough space to adjust your music taste. Customer reviews and tests show that there are zero audio drops on Jabra earbuds. On the other hand, the sound and parameters can easily be adjusted using tactile buttons and applications.

Customer Service: The product has 2 years warranty. They are IP56 certified which means they are immune to dust and sweat to a good extent. Yet the warranty gives buyers a lot more confidence.

What do people say about Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds?

I read the reviews and even went to a few people on advice before I purchased these wireless earbuds. I was concerned that since these did not have an ear hook (like bose) that they would not remain in my ear. However, they fit just fine and they are awesome. I knew from some of the reviews that bass was lacking and that’s a true statement. I have a pair of jam wireless earbuds that have way more bass but they are not as comfortable as this pair. So it seems that I had to trade base for comfort which in some cases is ok.

The only time the lack of bass bothers me is when I listen to a song that I know that has a great bass line and it’s not there. Don’t get me wrong the bass is there but not like overpowering. However I would still reckon this pair, the left and right bud have never lost sync with each other. however, you can listen to the right bud in solo mode I have not figured out a way to listen to the left on in solo mode I am not sure if it’s possible. It seems like more people want to chat with me on my right side than my left. I have not been able to exercise the app yet because I am out to sea on a ship with no wifi and to exercise all of the features you need internet. So if you don’t have the internet don’t expect the extra features

– Lamont

“Well, they pair easily. They fit my ears very snugly when I twist them into position to the mikes face forward. I am sure I can use these as sport earbuds too as they are not falling out, once in right. I have been listening to a variety of music and I am very impressed with the sound quality, even taking the size and technology limitation out of the picture, I love them. Like anything that fits in the ear, it can begin to feel uncomfortable, however, I find even over the ear headphones also have discomfort thresholds after wearing them for so long. The only way to avoid that is with speakers so nothing is on the ear or in it”

– Paul

Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds


  • Has battery life of 15 hours with 5 hours of charge time.
  • Has a battery case included in the box?
  • Audio quality is impeccable and has no audio drops. The sound quality can be adjusted using physical means and application.
  • Has a dedicated app for all the settings and improvements.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Perfectly designed for different ear sizes.


  • Very fewer color choices.
  • The material is not premium and is the only major compromise to cut down on price.
  • The higher-end earbuds are head and shoulders ahead in terms of quality. However, they are a bit more expensive.

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Final thoughts:

If you are looking for affordable earbuds that have great sound quality with consistency, then Jabra is the right choice. You might find rival earbuds but then we have selected this to be best in terms of performance. They are portable and fit in your pocket with the charging case that you get out of the box. Apart from this, they are designed with the right curves to ensure a perfect fit in the ear. This allows users to wear them even during workouts or jogging. They are made with soft material but is rounded off to a good extent of accuracy. With a dedicated app that handles all the settings, Jabra 65t is indeed a great earbud.