Cooking has become a common hobby today. People around the globe have been showing interest in making different dishes be it dishes or bakery items at home. This is the very reason why we see a lot of online content on cooking. KitchenAid has brought something that focuses on cooking cookies and cakes at home. A stainless high-quality Artisan Kitchen Aid Food Grinder that will make your kitchen smell sweet and delicious with its cooking abilities. From being a grinder to pasta and dough maker, the 5-Qt has taken up the responsibility to feed your cravings without even stepping outside the house. It has different speed and precision adjustments to work with dough and grinding. They can be made easily and the manual inside helps with all the necessary instruction

Artisan Kitchen Aid Food Grinder Highlights:

The Power: The KitchenAid grinder has a 36-inch cord and other internal parts that are rated to provide it the right power. The power hub is the base of the mixer. This particular model has 12 attachments that provide different quantities and purposes.

Planetary Mixing Action: This is the most crucial part of any grinder. The rotational parts and their ratings need to be strong both performance-wise and on paper. It has 59-touch point planetary mixing action that can grind or mix all the ingredients at the right precision. It has enough capacity to make dough for pounds of cookies or bread.

Elegantly Designed: Firstly, the material choice which is stainless steel elevates the entire feel of this kitchen appliance. It comes in multiple bright and polished colors that you get to choose from. This gives a perfect look to your kitchen.

The Build and Material: The material plays an important role in kitchen appliances. This maps to both the quality and endurance of the appliance. With different ingredients being put for grinding it needs good strength. The KitchenAid grinder gives you the best quality in the kitchen.

What do people say about Artisan Kitchen Aid Food Grinder?

The mixer is great. You all know that. The purpose of this review is more to help with the color selection, in case anyone out there was like me and struggling to differentiate between Ice Blue and Aqua Sky. I had seen Ice Blue in person at Target. But I could not find Aqua Sky in person and struggled with trying to figure out which online pictures were accurate. There weren’t that many real-life pictures available to look at. So I just winged it and ordered Aqua Sky. Luckily it’s perfect for me. And here is the best way I can describe the difference between the two colors.

– Alex

“This mixer is one of those items for a baking enthusiast where if you don’t have one, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal but when you do get one, you can’t imagine life without it. I’ve had my mixer for about 9 months now and I absolutely can’t imagine my life without it. It makes any task that involves any form of mixing significantly easier and mixes the contents to perfection. I got the mixer in the “Ice Blue” shade and it is so beyond gorgeous. It is a beautiful addition to my countertop and I constantly have people remarking on the gorgeous shade, reminding them of an old fashioned milkshake maker. I know the color doesn’t affect the performance but if you’re going to spend this much money on a mixer, at least get one as sexy as this one!! I’ve included a photo in my kitchen in natural daylight for a more true to life representation of what the color looks like.”

– Moli

Artisan Kitchen Aid Food Grinder


  • Available in 20 different colors. It helps you in choosing the right look for you and your kitchen.
  • 59-touch planetary rotation which is among the best-rated technologies for grinders. This gives the customer confidence in using grinders heavily.
  • The power hub of this food grinder is capable of working with 12 different adjustments that work for different types of food and capacity.


  • The pouring shield is missing in many variants.
  • Available colors are restricted in lower models.

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Final thoughts:

The kitchen appliance that you are looking at is a complete food processor. It is allowing you to bake cakes, make the dough and also grind ingredients for your food. It can do it with the latest technology and provide quality service to customers. It is stylish and the stainless material simply makes it so much better. Take this kitchen appliance and make your kitchen more productive