Leather Gloves for Mens Full-Hand Touchscreen Gift Packaging Cold Weather Glove (M-8.5"(US Standard Size), BLACK)

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as of September 12, 2020 11:07 am

This particular gift suggestion reflects one of the most liked wearables of men, gloves. HARRMS has come with an excellent product that has completely changed our perspective towards glove. Remember the issue of not being able to use smartphones and other touch screen devices while wearing a glove? Well, you should know that these gloves are enabling you to do so. A beautiful pair of premium pure leather gloves made for completed palms is allowing you to use the full touchscreen and still not compromising the actual usability of gloves. Let us show you how these gloves can prove to be a worthy gift this valentine’s day.

Leather Touchscreen Gloves for Men Highlights:

Unique and Touch Screen Gloves: The complete 10 fingers gloves are allowing you to use any touchscreen device while still wearing them. It is equipped with nanotechnology that helps these gloves to bring you this unique feature. It mimics the conductivity properties of the skin which the basic requirement to be able to use touch screen devices.

Like a Glove: As someone who loves glove you will firs look at how comfortable they are and how premium do they feel on the palm. Made with genuine lambskin leather, the gloves feel high quality in the hand. The material is very soft and stays breathable even after wearing them for a whole day. They are very durable just like you would like them to be.

What Else can be Used? : Not just smartphones or iPads, but you can also use ATMs, GPS devices, vending and other touchscreen machines too. You should know that none of these compromises on the traditional feel of the glove

Leather Gloves for Men


  • Great design for daily wear gloves. Fits in exactly how you would want the size to fit.
  • The original lambskin leather is the highlight of this product.
  • Innovative nanotechnology with very few
  • The seller gives a guarantee for the product which allows you to change the product if required.


  • Needs significant care and maintenance.
  • No color options.
  • The spikes should be handled with extra care.
  • Make sure that you read all the guidelines about cleaning them carefully because otherwise the touchscreen abilities might be affected.

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Final thoughts:

This is among the very few wearable products that made it to the list. An impeccable and unique gift choice for your dad, brother or boyfriend this valentine. It is super stylish and the feel in the hand or comfort is just as good as the appearance. Your friend might like to wear a glove while riding his bike or might want to wear it throughout the day. The material used for these gloves is helping your skin to breathe. This makes it very easy to use an entire day. Listed in the amazon products, it also has a direct option to gift pack making it even more comfortable as a valentines day gift option.