Smartshow Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

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If you were looking for a stylish gift that tends to remain helpful in your partner routine life, then the Smartshow Smart Temperature Control Mug is exactly what you are looking for. The S mug sits beautifully wherever you go. Be it your side table, your dining hall, your work station and even at your balcony, this mug adds essence to your coffee experience. It has smart temperature adjustment features that are very easy to control. It is equipped with a smart thermostat that maintains the temperature. A mug that can be handled using an app really makes it one of a kind!

Smartshow Smart Temperature Control Mug Highlights:

Appearance and Material Used: Something that compliments your hot drinks habits. Made with stainless steel it is very durable and has that soft-touch finish. It has an in-built LED display that aware of the temperature status of the mug content.

Long Battery Life: The mug stand head and shoulders above its rivals. If you are having a heavy day at work and require coffee throughout then S3 mug is your perfect companion. On a full charge, it can work for 2-8 hours.

Handling: One button control for changing temperature levels has made it convenient. With an app associated with it, customers find it very cool especially when in office it is a good piece to show off with.

APP Features: This among the very few products of its category of have gone digital for control. The mug uses its app for all the basic expected features. It also allows you to change breathing colors as per your taste.

Smartshow Temperature Control Mug


  • The product comes with a warranty.
  • It has a lid which prevents spilling and improves temperature holding capacity.
  • The app is available on google play.
  • Long battery life. It charges really quickly and has a charger right out of the box.
  • The material used is food grade ceramic and stainless steel which makes it very durable


  • The vibration features can’t be switched off.
  • It’s convenient to use but not without the app.
  • The capacity could have been better.

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Final thoughts:

Smartshow Smart Temperature Control Mug is an amazing gift to show your affection and care to anyone. A product that suits your spouse, mother, father, sibling and especially your better half. Smartshow coffee mug is the best choice for many reasons. It can be used daily and rests on your table comfortably. Its beautiful appearance is complimented by everyone. It just weighs 280 grams and has a very premium look and feel in the hand.

The technology making it work enables it to be a very useful gift at the same time. The adjustable temperature and easy control feature make it easy to use, which is necessary considering the fact that it is a product that can be used throughout the day. Overall it is a beautiful gift for your loved ones especially on the occasion of valentine’s day.