The TrackingFox OBD II trackers are a single product that can upgrade you into a smart worker. The features packed GPS tracker is capable of real-time tracking, driving behavior analysis, anti-theft alerts, and other features that give you a modern GPS experience. The 33 grams compact tracker is comfortably plugged in the car’s OBD (onboard diagnostics) socket found right under the steering wheel. As a modern GPS tracker, it has high usability and allows you to switch between vehicles to use it to the fullest. Let us know more about the OBD II GPS tracker in depth.

Key Features

  • Real-time tracking and history updates.
  • Sharing options for location and driving history.
  • Instant alerts for all vehicle activities. Special alert system for unusual behavior in the car movement. There is a specific alert in case of GPS failure.
  • Security and anti-theft alerts.
  • Driving behavior analysis in terms of both driver and the vehicle.

There are many GPS trackers in the market available for you that give almost the same set of features and specifications. The above-mentioned key features help you in deciding the best GPS tracker for you.

The TrackingFox OBD II GPS is a multi-featured GPS that can be used for business and personal uses. As per the customer’s reviews, it is understood that the GPS tracker is used for personal uses such as driving analysis, driving history, GPS location sharing, the safety of vehicles and belongings, etc.
On the other hand, it was also being used for professional uses that include car safety, driving schools, delivery tracking, and more.

This shows how reliable the Tracking Fox OBD II GPS tracker is. It is highly accurate and hence finds its place in more responsible professional uses as well. But there is more to it. Let us now highlight some of the best features of this compact GPS tracker.


TrackingFox OBD II is designed for comfortable use. The tracker is compact and is plugged easily into the OBD socket. It can easily be disconnected to use in a different vehicle. And just like that, it is ready to continue real-time tracking.

Driving and Vehicle-Specific Features

Driving behavior analysis is one of the defining features of the GPS tracker. From tracking the location of your near ones to ensuring that the drive is smooth, this tracker will help you with everything.

You must know that in case of unusual or unintended behavior the GPS tracker sends a quick separate notification to notify that there is some issue. Even during over-speeding or an accident, an alert is initiated.

Location & Sharing Options

It is very easy to share your location using this GPS tracker. You can share your real-time location with multiple people and feel safe even from distant locations.

Place Alerts

A lot of us like to have key points saved throughout the city. With the help of this GPS tracker, you can mark important places and keep them saved. Be it office, home, regular meeting spots, or school you will have everything just a touch away

Anti Theft

Anti-theft is a necessary feature for almost every GPS tracker. With TrackingFox OBD II installed you will have both notification and location of any unusual situation with your vehicle


The only disadvantage of the TrackingFox OBD II GPS tracker is that it is compatible with vehicles that were manufactured in 1996 or later. This is because the installation system works only with these vehicle systems. However, this is the case with all modern GPS trackers.