Echo Plus with built-in Hub (International Version) - Black

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You are looking at a revolutionary device that can transform your daily life into a more convenient one. Amazon ECHO plus enables you to have a smart home with built-in smart features that work purely on voice commands. It is powered by Dolby and works 360 degrees in your house to remain to give amazing accessibility. It supports all the compatible Zigbee devices in your house. ECHO plus works with smartphones having iOS version 9.0 or Android version 5.0 and above. The Alexa skill store gives a clear overview of the features that ECHO plus has incorporated in terms of usability with external devices. It has some significant differences based on the locality. Therefore go through the chart available on amazon or the official website.

Amazon Echo Plus with built-in Hub Highlights:

The price: Though it doesn’t represent anything technical, the price is one of the highlights of ECHO plus. It comes at a reasonable price, especially for the features that it has. It works impeccably well and has been engineered beautifully. All of this for less than $150 is a great investment.

The speakers: The dual speakers that surround ECHO gives it the most natural look defined for the device. They give audibility in 360 degrees and provide a complete media experience. As it has Dolby processing, the sound quality is crisp with all the basic parameters reviewed to be great.

Play music conveniently: Although ECHO has much more to it, playing music is what it does throughout the day. With voice commands that work seamlessly, it adds essence to your daily gadgets usage and smart environment

What do people say about Amazon Echo Plus with built-in Hub ?

“Received as a gift. Originally I was going to return it because I did not think it was comparable with my iPhone/iPad I love it. No problem connecting to the internet. Set up was simple. No problem connecting to my iDevice switch (4) that I use to control lights. liked it so much I just purchased the Echo. Simple set up with the iPhone app and it works great. I am now going to get an echo dot for another room just to control lights and connect to a speaker (wired)”

– Ray

“The echo plus has been working excellently for my home. It serves and entertains the entire family and is very easy to use for anyone. I hope that they have newer versions on because I cant wait to upgrade. “

– Ram

Amazon Echo Plus with built-in Hub


  • High-quality sound with woofer and tweeter that are sized to be 2.5 inches. In the smaller version that is the echo dot, it comprises a small 0.6-inch speaker that sounds fairly good.
  • Multiple additions in features based on the country that you use it in. The ease of using it in different languages enables it to take device intelligence to a whole new level.
  • It is very easy to set up and has had no issue in recognizing different voices. You don’t have to stress and can talk normally to give commands.


  • The smaller version has a significant difference in its sound quality.
  • The customer support services lack in terms of responding.

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Final thoughts:

Undoubtedly one of the best suggestions on the list, the amazon echo plus, and its similar versions have great demand. They are liked by people of different age groups. It is a superb luxury to have. One only understands its usability when they start to use it as a daily device. It helps you to refrain from touching your device for each and everything. It works as a companion while working at home, working out, during college and office presentations and whatnot. You can use it as a complete entertainment setup and it will never disappoint you. We are sure that if you buy an echo plus for your partner they will be surprised to have it.