GoldenEye 007 Coming To Xbox Game Pass Nintendo Switch

    GoldenEye 007 Coming To Xbox Game Pass Nintendo Switch

    It was revealed today that GoldenEye 007, the venerable James Bond game from 1997, will be available on Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch.

    According to Rare, the N64 game has been “faithfully reproduced for Xbox systems.” It will have achievements, a smooth framerate, and 4K resolution (for compatible TVs). Additionally, split-screen local multiplayer will gain from the increased framerate. Microsoft stated in a blog post that gamers may anticipate additional control choices, such as support for two analogue sticks, as well as a native 16:9 resolution.

    Rare, a Microsoft-owned company, announced the game’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass via a tweet. However, no precise release date was disclosed. GoldenEye is a free bonus for everyone who has a digital copy of Rare Replay, the collection of vintage Rare games.

    Here are the first GoldenEye on Xbox screenshots:

    GoldenEye 64 will be available on the Switch for owners of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack via backwards compatibility, according to Nintendo at the September Nintendo Direct. The Nintendo Switch will support online play, which is a feature that is only available on Nintendo’s platform.

    Years ago, a new version of GoldenEye was planned for the Xbox 360, but licencing problems prevented it. Later, the HD remaster surfaced, and now Xbox and Switch will receive it.

    In 2010, a Wii recreation of GoldenEye was published, although Daniel Craig acted in place of Pierce Brosnan. Later, a Reloaded version was made available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

    The 60th anniversary of the James Bond franchise will occur in 2022. Fans should “look out for announcements, events, and new material throughout 2022,” the franchise’s creator suggested.

    A new James Bond game being created by Hitman creator IO Interactive will tell a unique tale for the British superspy. Here’s hope we get to see or learn more about the game this year as 2022 marks the series’ jubilee for the James Bond films.