How To Play Netflix Mobile Games

    How To Play Netflix Mobile Games

    With a Netflix membership, you can play a surprisingly large variety of fantastic mobile games, like Into The Breach, Poinpy, and Before Your Eyes. According to recent statistics from analytics firm Apptopia and reported in CNBC, the majority of Netflix subscribers just aren’t doing it. Netflix has 221 million customers, so even if just 1% of the user population plays games, CNBC said that games still receive an average of 1.7 million daily users and have been downloaded 23.3 million times. This simple tutorial will help you maximise the most of your Netflix subscription, including those video games.

    You might not even be aware that Netflix has games if you solely use your TV to watch Netflix. Even on the mobile app, it’s not exactly in the spotlight, which is unfortunate because there are many other games worth checking out, like Before Your Eyes, Poinpy, and many others.

    • You must first download the Netflix app on both Apple iOS devices and Android smartphones.
    • Scroll down to the Netflix Games area in the Netflix app.
    • Find a game you want to play by scrolling through the selection
    • The Netflix Games page will appear when you click the game tile
    • When you click “Get Game,” your preferred app store—either Google Play or the Apple app store—will open.
    • Clicking the download button will allow you to utilise this app store as usual to download the specified game.

    In the Netflix Games area of the app, you may find it there once more. The games will also be added to your home screen, barring any settings on your device that prevent it.

    You may access the corresponding app stores on iOS and Android and perform a straight search for Netflix Games there. You will be requested to log into Netflix before you can start watching if you are not already.

    There will soon be even more video games available on Netflix, which now has 26 titles available as part of its subscription service. By the end of 2022, it is intended to include 50 games, both original and ones based on its IP, such as the planned The Queen’s Gambit chess simulator. Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School Studio, the developer of Oxenfree, and Next Games are the three independent firms that Netflix has bought this year to help expand its library of titles.