iPhone Battery Percentage Is Back

    iPhone Battery Percentage Is Back

    With the introduction of iOS 16 beta 5 today, the battery % has once again been added to the status bar. This response to one of the most frequent requests for iOS since Apple removed the symbol with the introduction of the iPhone X.

    You may restore the battery % to the status bar in iOS 16 beta 5. Toggle on the new Battery Percentage option, just choose Battery from the Settings menu. It could even be turned on by default, but only certain people seem to notice that.

    The standard battery symbol on your iPhone will be replaced with a % figure while it is not connected to electricity. The battery symbol on your iPhone changes to yellow in low power mode while still displaying the percentage. The percentage will have a tiny charge icon next to it if you’re charging.

    Prior to the iPhone X, the battery % was always shown in the status bar. Apple decreased the percentage as a result of the notch’s appearance and the status bar’s constrained area. As an alternative, to see the percentage, you had to slide down into Control Center.

    The iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini do not support the battery % option in iOS 16 beta 5.