One announcement followed another at Google I/O on Monday, including a major redesign to Android 12, Google’s operating system for nearly 72% of the world’s phone users according to Statista.  For example, alerts will be redesigned, various new privacy features – including a dashboard – will be added, and the platform will be more tightly connected with Google’s Chrome OS platform.

Google is including tighter control over devices within its own Android TV ecosystem as part of the bundle. More precisely, Android will soon include a built-in TV remote app that will enable remote control of televisions using only your phone. (You will also not require Android 12 to utilize it.) With over 80 million Android TV OS devices in use, it’s logical that Google would want to enhance the overall experience with such a useful feature.

When you lose your remote control again, there’s no need to panic; simply launch the new remote app and continue streaming. What you need to know is as follows.


How do I get the new Android TV remote feature?

Google will make the Android remote capability available to smartphones running Android 11 and higher. That includes the newly revealed Android 12, which is now only available via the Android 12 public beta. Google has stated that the remote control function will not be available until later this year.

How will my phone work as a TV remote?

According to the announcement, the Android TV remote function appears to be quite similar to the Apple TV remote app available on the iPhone and iPad.

The top of the interface is a blank space that serves as a gesture pad, allowing you to navigate Android TV by swiping and tapping. The onscreen controls allow you to switch between apps, pick a show, or return to the home screen. Volume and power controls appear to be included in the app as well.

But our favorite feature isn’t the ability to navigate Android TV; it’s the ability to write usernames and passwords or search for shows using the keyboard on your phone. It will save everyone time and frustration.

We are eager to try out the new remote capability; hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later.

Which Android phones are compatible?

You’ll need special hardware to make the new Android remote work with your TV, but chances are you’ll be good if you have a recent Android phone and an Android TV OS device. Here is what we currently know.

Once launched, devices running Android 11 and higher will have the app pre-installed. Almost every Android TV OS device will include built-in support for the remote tool.

That is all. As long as you have a phone with the TV remote app and an Android TV-enabled television, you’re set. Take note that your Android TV OS device will require the installation of a system service called “atvremoteservice.” Certain earlier Android TV OS devices (which are unknown) will be unable to access the required service. We’ll have to wait till the functionality comes for further detail, but from what we hear, this functionality will work with practically all Android TV OS devices.