Android users will be able to search their DMs in the near future Prior to the addition of this feature for iOS users, this was already a standard function. This will assist people to find certain chats by simply scanning through the archives. Twitter will extend the search tool so that users can find relevant phrases and information in DMs that they’ve shared in the near future.

The new feature for the Android app was announced through a tweet by Twitter Support. At the moment, the search functionality enables people to search for discussions and groups using the keywords the users used. Once you post something in a DM, the app will later allow you to search for it via this new feature.

Better searching for DM conversation functionality is coming to Android! “We’ve added DM support to Android and are working on a better version that finds older convos,” states the tweet. Are you getting impatient to wait for the ‘available DMs’ content?” We’re working on releasing that later this year!


Twitter just announced that it will be launching a new family of fonts for the web in the near future. New typeface named Chirp There are three separate font options to the Draw Type menu: Chirp Black, Chirp Bold, and Chir Regular. Only macOS computers saw the new font; no one else could read it. A new font family may have been announced on more than one platform. At the time, the moment, the company is not able to say anything more.