Verizon is bringing back a version of its massive 5G upgrade push from last year as it seeks to encourage customers to switch to its latest unlimited plans and 5G devices.

The carrier stated on Thursday that it will reduce a new iPhone 13 by up to $800, thereby giving customers to choose between a free iPhone 13 Mini or 128GB iPhone 13 or a highly discounted 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max. Google’s Pixel 6 series and Samsung’s S22 range, as well as the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, are among the 5G Android phones that are suitable.

To obtain the discount, you’ll need to trade in a phone, as with previous promotions. The actual value of the credit you get will depend on a few things, including the device you trade-in. Verizon will accept broken phones as trade-ins as long as the batteries are not damaged. The trade-in value will also vary depending on the plan you have, with those on Start receiving a maximum credit of $400 and those on the more expensive Play More/Do More/Get More receiving up to $800.

Verizon is offering the bargain to both new and current customers who have or want to upgrade to its unlimited Start, Play, Do, or Get plans. The reduction will be applied as bill credits over 36 months, motivating you to stay with the carrier. If you leave Verizon before the 36 months are over, you’ll lose any outstanding bill credits and be responsible for paying off the remaining sum on the device.

While Verizon included the lower Start plan in this offer, it is not modifying its unlimited plans, thus even with an iPhone 13, users on Verizon’s most basic unlimited plan will be unable to access its fastest 5G networks (dubbed “5G Ultra-Wideband”). 

In the first quarter of this year, Verizon lost 292,000 postpaid phone users, forcing the new agreement. The carrier attributed the losses to “competitive dynamics,” though it is expecting that more competitive device offerings would help turn those dynamics in its favor, keeping consumers on its network for years to come.