Some of AT&T’s older Unlimited and Mobile Share plans are seeing their pricing raised in an effort to entice users to upgrade to the company’s newer plans. Those who use a single line will experience a rise in their monthly bills of up to $6, while those who use family plans will see an increase in their monthly costs of up to $12.

Seth Bloom, an AT&T spokeswoman, noted that the firm is inviting customers to “explore our newest plans,” which include several more features, better flexibility for each line on their account, and in many cases, a lower monthly cost. Additionally, AT&T indicated that impacted customers have begun getting letters this week and that the price increases will go into effect on June 1st as originally promised.

According to a report published in 2019, the company increased the cost of its Mobile Share Value data plans by introducing an “additional” 15GB of data per month that you couldn’t opt out of, resulting in a $10 increase in the overall cost of your plan. It was likewise the case in 2018 that customers with grandfathered unlimited plans had their monthly prices increase from $40 to $45, as was the situation in 2018.