The echo dot has become an ideal choice for most people who are looking for an assistant speaker for themselves. Hence, if you are looking for something that fits in, the new Echo Dot 3 is the right choice. We shall address the various reasons and specifications as to why Echo dot has been the go-to for many users around the globe. Since there are updates in the product line-up we shall go about them and see what has improved.

It is time to review the new Echo dot 3 and see if it is worth the price.

Inheritance of the subtle form-factor:

One thing that is loved the most about this piece of technology is its portability and compactness. The Echo dot is very beautiful and takes minimum space anywhere around your house. This is the very reason why many people prefer to have it on their desk. The latest version comes with more or less the same size. It feels more premium and is very comfortable to hold. It is soft yet gripped easily in the hand.

The display screen of Echo Dot 3 is super useful:

amazon echo dot 3 controls

The third generation of the Echo dot comes with a permanent display that shows time and weather conditions at all times. Again, this can be changed in the settings.

It is very good to see the numerical display resting around the mesh at all times. It makes it more useful than just a speaker resting on the desk or in the living room at all times. In addition to this, the grey mesh that has light peeking through looks incredibly pretty. The touch is amazing as it makes technology look beautiful in a single package.

The Echo Dot 3 is louder:

The Echo dot has been trolled for its sound quality in the past. Most of the reviewers say that it is the very reason why do costs cheaper than other speaker assistants. Sonos One and other devices always took over the dot due to this.

But the new Echo Dot 3 has massive improvement from its previous versions. It represents quality sound and has a much better base. In the last 3 generations of the product there have been improvements in all ways and this time the leap is much bigger. We can finally recommend echo dot to the customers that look for quality sound irrespective of the price. It has stereo speaker quality that doesn’t vibrate or make an uneven effect when the volume is made high.

It works as a perfect alarm clock:

amazon echo dot 3 clock

As we already discussed it is a beautiful piece of technology to have on your desk. Not only does it work as a good assistant and time display but a very good alarm clock too. It has added hardware sensitive features that make it a comfortable alarm clock too.

As soon as you tap on its head, the echo stops to snooze and then restart it after 10 minutes just like an ideal alarm clock. Because of its louder voice, it is very clear to have as an alarm for the entire house too, maybe.

It has been very long since we have been trying to reduce the efforts taken to set and switch alarms. With this, Amazon has done an excellent job of serving one of the best products in the market for this category.

Color options:

amazon echo dot 3 colors

For a lot of time people have had to stick with the standard colors that this assistant comes in. The new echo comes in Sandstone, Heather Gray, and even in plum color. These new colors have become very popular among people like a lot of us looks at them like decorative pieces too. A few reviews do say that they are weird and the white or Gray is still the go-to, but then the newer colors will surely attract a few people.

The price:

Echo Dot 3 comes for $49.99. If you want it with the clock then it will cost you 10 bucks extra which is worth it. There are several occasions when you will find amazing offers and discounts on the dot, so make sure to grab them