According to extensive research held by a famous International University involving the use of headphones/earphones and people who use them the most, an obvious hearing problem was detected in those people who are used to high volume.

Other than that, the people who least care about the hygiene of their ears also caught various infections and serious itchiness than those who maintained the habit of cleanliness.

This is the usual outcome that all of us would easily agree on but here we should also take into account the actual reasons that trigger such problems in our daily life.

There are two kinds of people:

  1. One who admits such issues and takes action to avoid them.
  2. The other who does not admit the existence of such issues then following the safety guidelines is another question.

Let’s figure out for yourself that which category you belong to.

Your Ear Gear and Hearing Health

For sure, you should not challenge the fact that the use of headphones or earphones brings your ears far more dirt and debris than you could gather yourself from the environment.

But it does not stop here, the constant accumulation of this grime can eventually lead one to infections, both moderate and serious.

Headphones vs Earbuds

Headphones and earbuds are two different kinds of audio tools that help you listen to music, take calls, and whatnot.

Nonetheless, both of these are accountable to deliver germs and infections to your ears but one does it more rapidly than the other and that is: earbuds/earphones.

  • Headphones are designed in a way that you don’t need to insert them in your ears but simply put them around the head, covering the ears.
  • Earphones or earbuds are designed in a manner that you have to insert the loops directly in the ears where immediate contact happens.

Now in the case of headphones, these are not compact and you also avoid placing these randomly anywhere plus the bulky structure will also make you use them quite less on the regular terms.

This is the plus point of using headphones until and unless you are not an audio engineer working in a studio.

On the contrary, earbuds are compact and portable so you will be more inclined to carry them with you everywhere you go and chronic use will be expected certainly.

In this situation, the dirty earbuds will not only fetch your ears more dirt from outside but will also take some dirt from your ears to outside, doubling it in the second go you use it.

However, headphones or earphones also increase the production of ear wax since the heat is produced inside the ears due to the friction of music volume.

Let’s believe collectively that high volume brings us more cons than pros. And the advancement of headphones in the form of Bass headphones has somehow given rise to the demand for headphones.

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In addition, the continuous use of earphones does not let the wax come out properly before the next production. So it keeps on growing more and more, ending up in temporary hearing loss.

Apart from the surface consequences, headphones or earphones also do permanent damage over the course of time and that is through loud music.

With this said, the visual dirt and muck can be cleaned anytime. But if you want to reduce the constant harm taking place slowly but persistently, you need to set your music volume to a certain level and never allow yourself to exceed it.

What is the solution?

The solution to this problem lies in your attentiveness to its existence. Every day and every time you choose headphones or earphones, there are certain rules and habits to follow.

1Do not sleep with your headphones/earphones ON

People like using headphones or earphones so much that they either sleep with them ON intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. 

This is a really bad habit that you need to cut off right away and sleep soundly without them.

2Clean your headphones/earphones twice a week

You can sanitize your headphones or earphones before and after every use for the sake of quick clean-up. And for detailed cleaning, rinse them thoroughly inside out with hot water and other cleaning equipment.

3Use the headphones/earphones with small breaks

To be on the safe side, take a short break of 15 to 20 minutes after every 45 to 50 minutes of the listening session. This way, you are giving your ears the essential rest and a way to expel the gathered heat.

4Put your headphones/earphones in a protective case

This is a wise approach to secure your headphones or earphones from unwanted germs and bacteria that are attracted the most when you throw them anywhere on the bed, couch, floor, bag, and table.

But don’t forget to sanitize them properly before putting them in the case after use.


Here you go with the self-awareness approach of detecting the problem related to your ever-favorite headphones/earphones and doing something so that they can not harm you anyway.