Epic Games surprised the gaming world yesterday by revealing a technical demo of its upcoming Unreal Engine 5 in real-time on a PlayStation 5 As usual for situations like this, the conditions under which the demo was presented were doubted by some spectators.

The first demo shows stunning graphics of PlayStation 5!

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Following the broadcast of Unreal Engine 5 ‘s technical demo, Geoff Keighley had shared an interview with some Epic Games personalities. This includes the American studio’s Creative Director, Kim Libreri. And when Geoff Keighley asked to verify if a controller could be used to play this demo, Kim replied:

It is a demo that is completely playable. We plugged a recorder into the rear of a PS5 development kit & captured the resulting signal via HDMI. It’s a completely live demo, it’s replayable and it’s a bit different each time you play it.

So Epic Games claims it’s just a demo running on a PS5 in real-time. But as usual, that does not keep any players from doubting. So it’ll be interesting to see if the studio of Tim Sweeney chooses to put an updated version of this technical demo online.

As a reminder, developers will have the Unreal Engine 5 available from next year.CAnd it will be compatible with devices such as PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4,PC,  Xbox One & also Android & iOS.

PS5 release date?

Even though the launch is planned for the end of 2020, the exact release date is still not known. A job offer recently published on the NEXT Jobs site, and relayed on Twitter, indicated that the release would happen in October 2020. Faced with the excitement, however, Sony decided to react by posting a disclaimer on the Japanese site Famitsu. That was, in the end, a mistake in the date of the job offer.

After launching the demo Epic Games’ CEO said that the tech PS5 packs inside could be a game-changer for the gaming industry, and could end “the loading screens.

Following the “Nanite” and “Lumen” tech showcased in the PS5 console with the Unreal Engine 5, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, went further to appreciate the gaming console in a recent online interview. Sweeney said Sony’s PS5 hardware might in the future change the entire gaming industry.

The CEO, in particular, praised the storage system that Sony built into the PS5. Sweeney said Sony’s storage infrastructure is “completely world-class,” and much better than any high-end Gaming PC. He also said that this form of a storage device could allow gaming experiences “of which we have only dreamed in the past.”

“The world of screen loading is over. The pop-in days and the complexity that shows up when you go through these game worlds are finished. The resulting effect is the opportunity to create games that are completely immersive from beginning to end over several hours of gameplay, “Sweeney added further.

The way the PS5 architecture depends on the built-in SSD makes it a far more powerful computer than any PC that isn’t built-in SSDs, according to Tim. He also stated that the upcoming Xbox Series X with its own built-in SSD may be similarly capable too. Epic has worked with Sony exclusively to make its titles, though.

In the other hand, we now know that Sony developers are very worried about the PS5 dealing with the Xbox Series X. Now, we just have to wait and see which console comes out on top in the market. ‌