Wing makes First Ever Commercial Drone Delivery in U.S


It’s true, Alphabet has achieved this amazing milestone by flying out & completing the very first drone delivery that serve customers with 100% reliability in terms of technology. The spin-out Wing owned by Alphabet (which also owns Google) is currently serving only in the US but the team is ambitious enough to be able to serve globally in the coming future. It has taken all the measures of safety and permissions from the federals to work officially. Currently, the Wing is working in collaboration with FedEx. To make the visibility and marketing strategies more interesting, they went on to make a happy customer video. Michael and Kelly Collver were the first customers who received ‘cough and cold pack’.

The successful delivery was made at Christianburg. This is the spot where Wing and Walgreen have decided to make its maiden delivery and flight.

It is a big step in the future. This can solve almost every short-distance delivery immediately if executed with the same enthusiasm. It is noteworthy that they should be credited to make this experimental attempt an eCommerce drone delivery reality.

Another region where drone delivery has interested people, especially retail store owners a lot is Virginia’s Sugar Magnolia. They have given these drones a fair chance to work harmoniously. They have tagged it with last-mile delivery. This conveys that the drones can be used to deliver anywhere within their capacity.

Something that should be understood is, no heavy or big sized product can be delivered using drone delivery options, at least not shortly. However, things like chocolate, paper goods, gifts and more can be delivered easily.

The more focused points on the backend are technical failures and management of drones. It is very important to minimize human errors to zero while using drones for delivering products. Frequent failures in the initial state can bring this exciting idea down. As this seems to be a step in the future, no one in the tech community at least is willing to give it up. This answers the first aspect too. Which is that technical failures were checked in real-life situations for a better understanding of flying conditions in populated areas.

There are two perceptions on the spin outwing. One of which is purely based on its serving
capabilities and other non-technical aspects. It is not as easy as it seems to be able to monetize or roll out a product with these capabilities in the market. Apart from all the technical abilities, the company and authorities must be able to prove, negotiate and display it as zero threat to the customers and surroundings. The delivering technology is upgraded to a level where the product with the drone is monitored throughout its journey.


We are expecting the first – stage delivery reviews to come soon. At this point, the chances are pretty high to have drone delivery as one of the major technical services before 2020.