Here is a mug that doesn’t only give you the luxury design and premium feel but also has the technical front that gives you the most advanced features. Did you ever have to waste a hot cup of tea or coffee because it turned cold? Well, here we are with a product that can solve this problem. This smart mug by ember can keep your hot drinks at the same temperature that they are supposed to be. With ideal capacity and battery life that lasts for every drink, you are going to have you are getting a great package for just $80.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug Highlights:

Hot drinks: The primary focus of this smart mug is to keep your hot drinks at the ideal temperature. The rated or suggested temperature that I am supposed to work at is 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It is supported by a good capacity.

Specification: As far as the look of the mug on paper is concerned the smart mug looks pretty solid. It promises to maintain the drink’s temperature in the mentioned range which is fantastic. The battery lie has been consistent and on par with one hour. It’s a portable package so that you can carry the charger to your office to take full advantage of it. With a capacity of up to 415 ml, you are getting an amazing product for yourself. It has a sleek design with beautiful black and white color options.

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

The Temperature Control Ceramic Mug keeps hot liquids hot -- you set the precise temperature on your phone. Read the CNET Editors Take here ...


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What do people say about Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug?

“I bought this as a gift for mom, fully aware of all the other comments. She never used a metal spoon and only washed and dried using a soft cloth from day one. Yet within a month, the interior coating began to flake where the side met the bottom. Customer service replaced it with no problem, but we made the mistake of sending in the original box and did not get one in return – just a plain brown shipping box.

She loves having hot tea from start to finish but wishes the mug capacity was larger. I would get one for myself but not until it holds more! She doesn’t have a smartphone but got the app on her iPad, so she customized the temperature to 142F.”

– Ramya

“This is an excellent product used correctly. Ensure you use hot water as the mug draws on this heat to maintain temperature.

The issue I have is with the pricing. This item is $US85 on, but over $AU300 on Really? I’ve seen Australia tax applied before, but this is ridiculous. Hey, it overseas if you can. Incidentally, I paid $AU150 for mine earlier this year and it’s more than doubled in price on the site” What is project management Managing Multiple Projects: Strategies & Tools .

– Daniel



Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug


  • Consistent battery life with a compact charger out-of-the-box.
  • The performance of the smart mug by amber especially with its heating capacities is accurate.
  • The mug can be controlled using an app that is available for all the popular platforms.
  • It is safe to clean even in water. The mug can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter.
  • A one year warranty with the product that encourages customers to choose this over other mugs in the league


  • 1 hour of battery life can sometimes seem low. Some mugs have better battery life in a similar price range.
  • The app updates are delayed and the features can be made more sophisticated. It is only IPX7 certified.
  • The buyer has to be careful about the third-party resellers as the warranty is not valid on them.

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 Final thoughts:

The coffee mug by ember is standing out in most dimensions. It is completely focused on the purpose of heating your tea or coffee. It is smartly handled using the application available for both android and iOS users. With all the specifications that include good battery life, decent capacity a great temperature maintaining ability, the design of this smart mug makes the difference. For the money you pay, it gives you an elegant product that is highly used in your daily life.