Your room lights just got better. You can now replace tube lights or even elegant bulbs with these lights which are not just brighter but also modular. Yes, now it is possible to arrange lights in the shape and position that you like. This can be changed easily and it’s worth the effort. Alovewe hexagonal lights have given the room a new spark and decorated them to look futuristic. Not just the looks but switching them or arranging them is very simple and modern. Just with a touch of the hand, you can turn the lights on or off. They are designed to enable users to use these lights in the alignment that suits their interests.

Alovewe Touch Control Hexagonal Wall Light Highlights:

Modular Design: Alovewe has designed the wall lights by considering a lot of things. The primary and the most important one is being able to change the orientation or alignment of these lights. This is the very reason why they are shaped hexagonally. This is the only shape that allows you to have a symmetric figure in every single way. The easy to slide and fix around each other.

Touch-Enabled: The lights have capacitive sensors in them. Therefore they work by each and firm touch of the hand. This particular feature is used to switch the lights on or off. To make it more comfortable, the entire surface allows you to do so.

The Elegance: Apart from being bright and easy to use which are the primary jobs of lights, Alovewe has emphasised on the fact that regular lights can not make your room look different. These lights give a beautiful look to the room especially when no other light is interfering. The more of these you get the better your decorate your room.


What do people say about Alovewe Touch Control Hexagonal Wall Light?

“The lights work perfectly fine and have made my room look much interesting for parties and gatherings.”

– Sharry

“I wish the count of lights was more as they seem a bit expensive. Anyways my family loves sitting under them and spending time together, I will soon design my office with the same lights”

– Murray

Alovewe Hexagonal Touch Control Wall Lights


  • Modular design that allows you to shape the lights together for better lighting and look of the room.
  • These lights are ideal to use in any space. Be it your bedroom, living room, the dining hall or even office.
  • Easy to operate and touch-sensitive which eliminates efforts.
  • Durable and are having great customer reviews.


  • They come in fewer colors.
  • The surface is could have been bigger. The actual size is mediocre.
  • If you want to work with these lights for decorating a large space then you should know that not more than 65 light blocks can work on a single circuit.

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 Final thoughts:

This is a good innovation to utilize lights not just for their sake but also to decorate the room better. Lights have proved to be more elegant than furniture pieces in the house. This has encouraged many manufacturers to work on modular lights. You get ample options for lights that work similarly. Yet, the light by Alovewe has made them durable, beautiful and usable in a lot of ways.