Nothing is better than starting your day with strong tea or coffee. Even better would be to have it around at all possible times of the day. French press coffee maker is a multi-purpose kitchen and home appliance that can make both tea and coffee for you. This portable tea an coffee maker gives you warm drinks at all times. It is smart and very easy to use. This versatile coffee maker can make any warm drink for you, all it needs are the ingredients. The moment you see it physically you realize that there is no compromise on the looks and design of this coffee maker. It is by far one of the most stylish kitchen appliances you will find in the market

French Press Coffee Maker Highlights:

The Looks and Design: You are looking at one of the most beautiful kitchen appliances in its category. There are several coffee makers on the internet but none of them has the glossy rainbow look which makes it look a showpiece. It gives a better look to your kitchen shelf as well as your office desk. It is portable and light in weight that allows you to carry it easily. It is sleek and symmetric in design with a strong handle to carry it around.

Versatile Tea and Coffee Maker: There are coffee and tea makers but there are very few coffee and tea makers. This appliance alone allows you to make both of them but obviously one at a time. It depends on your interest on the day. You can make tea, coffee, espresso, cold brew and other coffees making it a rare coffee and tea maker.

Specification: The French coffee maker is a light and portable coffee and tea maker which has double-wall insulation and has a volume of 34 Oz which is about 1 liter. It includes a coffee scoop and 2 extra filters.

What do people say about French Press Coffee Maker?

“First of all, this product is gorgeous, definitely something I can keep on my counter without wanting to store it away. When I first got the product a month and a half ago, I was a little concerned because some of my parts seemed a little faulty, and after a couple of uses broke, but this is where the 5 stars come in. I contacted the seller asking if I could get some replacement for the parts. I received a response in minutes and my parts were on their way the next day! I received the parts in record time (and the seller included some chocolates!) and am back to brewing delicious coffee with this awesome press. Great customer service, great product. I couldn’t be happier. :)”

– Sarah

“This French Press is stunning! I love the rainbow finish. It’s sturdy and has heft since it’s made from stainless steel. I love that it comes with a spoon scoop and 2 extra filters. Anything colorful for the kitchen makes me a happy camper. Recommend this if you love pretty things and good coffee. It would make an awesome gift too, who could resist?!”

– Lynn

French Press Coffee Maker


  • It comes with a beautiful design and forms factor with excellent material choice keeping it usable at all times.
  • I can make coffee, cold brew, tea, and espresso.
  • It is portable, lightweight and enables you to use it at home or office.
  • Has a capacity of 1 liter which is 34 Oz.


  • It has to be cleaned regularly and is high maintenance.
  • One has to read the manual carefully as the working of this coffee and tea maker is quite a different form a few others.

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Final thoughts:

The French press coffee maker has excellent reviews from critics as well as the public. It has worked consistently well and has no issues in working. Even while switching between tea or coffee there hasn’t been any unpleasant experience. Its technology and design make one fall in love with it. The beautiful rainbow color on a coffee and tea maker is simply brilliant