Personal sound amplifying products, or PSAPs, are designed to boost environmental hearing for people without hearing loss. They aren’t selective in what sounds they amplify and are commonly used to “keep an ear” on children or babies in another room. They’ve also been advertised to improve sound quality during recreational activities like birdwatching and theatre. FIIL-G2090 picks up sounds and amplifies the audio. It filters the distortion and static before amplifying the sound. It is small and comfortable to use while providing clear sounds with little to no distortion

FIIL Personal Hearing Aid Highlights:

Control: Total control of the device is with the user. There are 4 noise settings. Depending on the situation, the user can choose the normal setting/ noise setting/ treble setting/ quiet setting. You can even vary the overall volume heard through the hearing amplifier.

Durability: The device is small and compatible. It is made with superior materials and is highly reliable. It has long-lasting battery life and highly advanced mini microprocessor technology, making it a superior hearing amplifier.

Additional Features: The ultra-thin structure of the device makes it almost invisible behind the ear. It can blend with the body easily and is very convenient to hide. It has different sizes to fit the required ear size.

What do people say about FIIL Personal Hearing Aid?

“This product has been amazing so far!! After multiple surgeries and a long stay in the hospital, my dad’s hearing was affected greatly. He could no longer make out the words we were saying and often mixed up sounds. Watching tv with him was horrible!!! He had to have it so loud the rest of us would get headaches and he still couldn’t follow what was going on. Now with this product he can hear his granddaughter say I love you again, he can follow conversations and watching tv is much easier. Also, I like this affordable price, quality is the best, thank you! “

– Delgado

“My dad has always had hearing problems due to a sickness he had when he was younger. He is completely deaf in his right ear and his left ear is hard of hearing. This does exactly what I wanted it to do, it helps him hear more clearly as it makes sounds a lot louder for him. He doesn’t feel like he isn’t a part of the conversation anymore — which is awesome! He doesn’t have to say “huh?” A hundred times before he understands what we are talking about! He says it’s comfortable to wear, as well!”

– April



FIIL Hearing Aid with Noice Cancelling


  • Reduces the distorted noise and amplifies clear sound
  • Easy to customize and control
  • Very affordable compared to others with the same efficiency
  • More reliable and long-lasting than other styles
  • It has different settings for different surroundings
  • Available in different sizes based on ear size


  • There is no off-switch. The battery has to be removed
  • Changing the battery is not hassle-free

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Final thoughts:

FIIL Personal Hearing Aids cannot promise you the perfect hearing but it can help you follow everyday conversations with ease. It can also help you hearenjoy every day sounds like a ringing phone, boiling kettle or a ringing doorbell. It is still difficult to follow conversations in noisy places like restaurants, high streets, etc but it can definitely reduce the background noise of rumbling traffic or a whirring fan. It is still hard to pick up a single voice from a chatter but it makes listening more comfortable. Wearing amplifiers in both ears can definitely help you focus better on the conversation or any sounds that you want to listen to.