Twitter stated on Thursday that it has begun to develop its new application procedure for verification and to assess public verification applications on the microblogging network. Profile verification is not something new since it has been around for a while. The platform nonetheless suspended the original idea back in 2017 and declared that it was confusing. The profiles which are verified are marked with a blue badge by Twitter. All users will be available for the new verification application process in the next few days.

The criteria must be in line with one of six categories, i.e. government; companies, brands, and organizations; news organizations and journalists; entertainment; sports and gaming; activists, organizers, and other leading persons to be qualified for verification in Twitter. Twitter must also have a complete account, indicating the profile name, image profile, and e-mail address or phone number should be confirmed.

In the last six months, Twitter also demands your account to be active and to have a record of compliance. The platform verification policy contains details regarding unaccountable accounts.

How to Get Verified on Twitter?

As Twitter begins its procedure, the new verification application will be displayed by all users on the platform in the account settings tab over a few weeks. The startup based in San Francisco, California, says it will be accessible to all gradually. So you may not instantly see the option to verify your Twitter profile.

You must indicate if you belong to one of the six qualifying categories once your verification application option is available. Then you will be asked to provide your identity by selecting to upload your government ID, provide your official email address or give your Twitter account an official website link.

After you submit your application, you will receive an emailed answer from Twitter. Depending on how many open applications are in the queue might take from a few days to a few weeks. However, you should expect the latter because people anticipate a lot of blue badges.

If the application is approved, Twitter begins to display the blue badge on your profile. Otherwise, 30 days after you get your application from Twitter, you may apply again.

Although the list of groups eligible for verification is somewhat small, Twitter said it plans to introduce other categories later this year and it can include, amongst others, scientists, academics, and religious leaders.

The new verification procedure, now being implemented over four years after the previous approach had been suspended, is based on Twitter’s public comments last year. The revised verification policy was established in December using such feedback.

In January, too, Twitter began applying this policy to automatically remove a verification badge from accounts that no longer fulfill updated verification criteria, such as inactive and incomplete verification criteria, the firm stated.