The rumors about the new the X-box series x release date & its look is now disclosed.

Microsoft has been owning and developing X-box, one of its most popular products for the very one now. They finally spoke about it at the game awards 2020. The most anticipated gaming console shall be released this holiday season.

They have improved from its predecessor, X BOX One. This time the console shall be designed vertically in a more constructive manner.

Phil Spencer, who has been leading the project for the longest time has claimed that this will be their fastest gaming console series ever. It will have better sync and connectivity along with speed. They have also mentioned being able to play different generation games on the X series.

Xbox has been one of the favorites in the gaming industry for more than eighteen years. It has had 3 generations of consoles that made gaming fun even at professional levels. But as time passed, the graphics of games have got much better. The power required to run these games has significantly increased. To be able to provide gamers with the best experience and visuals consoles need to update themselves in terms of power and compatibility.

This version of Xbox will have better social media compatibility as the controller will most likely have a share button. With the help of this button, one can share clips and screenshots while playing the game.

Spencers revealed in an interview that the new X series will support 4k content that will be running at 60 frames per second. It has high good chances of reaching 120 fps too. The previous issues that have existed even with the best of consoles were about load speed, multiple-players, etc. With the new SSD power Xbox will eradicate all the issues including heat control.

“Senua’s Sage: Hellblade II” shall be the first game on the new Xbox X series.

These are the first significant reveals since last summer. Initially, all the details that we had were from Project Scarlett at the EE conference. This console has an interesting part that it shall release with a new chapter named “Halo Infinite”

We see another great rivalry between the upgraded versions of sony and Microsoft’s consoles coming up. If this happens we will see some seriously good games to test these consoles. Professional gamers from around the world will be waiting to test these beastly consoles and give us the first hands-on review.